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Medical Balloon Supplier
Medical Balloon Supplier
Starlit Medical
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Starlit Medical was established in May 2014, located in the campus of Qingdao University of Technology which is known as the cradle of rubber and plastic in China. It is an innovation technology company engaged in the R&D, production and sales of key consumables of medical endoscope diagnosis and treatment. Focusing on the application research of natural latex and other engineering materials in this field.

R&D team consists of experts with master degree, doctor degree and they are in close collaboration with National Key Lab for Rubber & Plastic Advanced materials. Innovative process technology is applied to achieve the product upgrade. Participation in the researches related to endoscope diagnosis and treatments allows the  rapid development of new products. Valuable information resources are gathered and used to offer technical assistance to hospitals, academic institutions as well as clients. 

Product Development

Domestic first-class expert and technical team in the field of rubber & plastic and other polymers. 

Cutting-edge application technology of polymer materials. 

Advanced experimental equipment of the National Key Lab. 

Strong product development competence of  polymer balloons for medical application.

Core Technical Competence

Core development technology of compliant balloon catheter in digestive tract, cranial surgery, neurosurgery, peripheral vascular and other diagnosis and treatment fields. 

Highly recognized by leading medical device companies at home and abroad. 

From prototype development to full-scale production, provides rapid customization and best product solutions for global innovation-driven customers. 

Technical Team
Dr. Jianming Zhang
Dr. Jianming Zhang
Postdoctral, Taishan Scholar

In 2003: Graduated with PhD degree from Chemistry Institute of China Academy of Sciences.

2003-2008: Postdoctoral research in the team led by the famous Japanese Spectroscopy Professor Ozaki, the team led by polymer expert Tashiro as well as Polymer Institute of Max Planck in Germany.

2008- now: Deputy director of Key Laboratory for Rubber and Plastic Material and Engineering  in Qingdao University of Technology.

2015 – to date: Chief Scientist of Starlit Medical.

Zhou Lijuan
Zhou Lijuan
Associate Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow

In 2013: Graduated from Sichuan University under the tutelage of Professor Fu Qiang, a famous Yangtze River scholar, and obtained his doctoral degree.

Sep. 2014-Sep. 2016: Postdoctoral research in Professor Zhang Jianming's team of Qingdao University of Science and Technology;

Since Oct. 2016: Works at the College of Polymer Science and Engineering, Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Research interest is the preparation and application of water-dispersed nanomaterials.  

Dr. Han
Dr. Han
Ph.D student

In 2015: Graduated from College of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Master degree.

 2015-2020: Engaged in the development of new products, processes and  materials of rubber products in Nanjing 7425 Research Institute. 

2021- now: PhD Student of Professor Zhang Jianming.

Main research areas: Medical formulation design and process development of elastic polymers.  

Wang Wen
Wang Wen
Major in Composite Science and engineering

In 2016: Graduated from College of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering, Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Bachelor's degree.

Since April 2019, she has served successively as engineer, chief engineer, and deputy manager of the technical department in Qingdao  Starlit Medical Co., Ltd. The application and process of polymer materials, have a strong ability to tackle and develop.    

Cui Yanqun
Cui Yanqun
Major in Polymer materials and Science

In 2015: Graduated from College of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Engineering. Master degree.

Since graduation, he has been committed to the surface coating research of medical stents. Since he joined Qingdao Starlit Medical in March 2020, She has been responsible for the development of synthetic polyisoprene latex balloon and polyurethane compliant balloon, and has achieved good research and development achievements.

Pan Dongliang
Pan Dongliang
Master, Senior quality management in the enterprise

In 1996: Graduated from Rubber Engineering Department of Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

In 2013,  MBA ,China Southwest Jiaotong University.

1996-2014, QA manager, management representative, Quality controller respectively in Qingdao Double Butterfly Group, Guangzhou Improve Medical and Beijing Zhongchiweiye Medical. 

20 years experience in quality management, comprehensive regulatory expertise of medical devices.