Silicone Balloons

Burst pressure: 120kpa - 160kpa;

Elongation rate: 500% - 800%;

Film: flawless, transparent;

Eccentricity: symmetric;

Biological performance: conform to ISO10993-10; Conform to ISO10993-5;

Short term implantation or long-term implatation.

Product details

◆ Material: Silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, no irritation to human tissues, no toxicity, no allergic reaction, and very little body rejection reaction; It enjoys good physical and chemical properties. It’s original elasticity and softness can be kept in contact with body fluids and tissues, without being degraded. It is a fairly stable inert substance. Preferred choice for long term balloon implantation. With similar high elasticity to natural latex, its  breaking strength is lower.

◆ Application: widely used for long-term implantation of balloon, such as thrombectomy in peripheral blood vessel and weight loss; Stent coating etc.