Ligation Rings

Application: It is used for ligation of esophageal varices diagnosed by endoscopic treatment and ferrule of instruments for hemorrhoids treatment under endoscope.

Material: natural latex 

Color: tailor made  (dark blue, black, yellow, etc.)

Used for ligation of esophageal varices diagnosed by endoscopy and hemorrhoid treatment under endoscopy. 

Product details

Super rebound: the recovery rate is greater than 95.5% after it is stretched to 25mm.

Extra strong force 14mm displacement, fixed extension tension greater than 11N;

Excellent breaking strength/elongation: displacement 25mm, constant elongation stress greater than 25N and no fracture;

Biological performance: conform to ISO10993-10 ; Conform to ISO10993-5;

Specification: tailor made

Performance:Slightly higher than, consistent with or close to some important physical properties of the Cook apron in the range of clinical displacement.

Material:Polyisoprene (Natural latex)

Color:Tailor made (dark blue, black, yellow, etc.)

Size:Inner diameter 1.8±0.1mm、Outer diameter  5±0.1mm、Height  2±0.2mm

Package: Light proof aluminum foil bags, Class 100,000 dust free workshop.